Please try figure 1 first. Some two stroke and four stroke KTM/Husqvarna models and smaller capacity Japanese two strokes below 125cc, it’s required to try a different wiring in install. If there is no light/power or a flickering light, please try figure 2 without using the chassis ground “blue wire” connected to frame/chassis. If this does not work, try connecting the blue chassis ground/“blue wire” back on the frame/chassis.
MOST AC motorcycles will require the figure 1 install method. Red wire to rec reg loom to red wire on ac box. Blue wire from rec reg loom to black on ac box. Blue wire from ac box to chassis/frame ground. Ac box wires “yellow” are the ac input wires they connect to your stator output wire as per fig 1 or 2 Ac box black is earth out. Ac box red is 12v out. All kits should be fused with an inline fuse not provided. Kits purchased with headlight units are required ONLY to be used with the led globe provided in the kit! DO NOT USE ANY OTHER BULB!! DAMAGE CAN OCCUR IF ANOTHER BULB IS USED OR WIRING IS MODIFIED. Som modification to the bulb holders on the provided headlight units may be required to be able to fit the provided led globe inside the provided universal headlight units, this is up to the installer. All kits should be fitted by a qualified professional. All fitment enquiries are to be emailed to Please do not call the shop for install enquiries please email ONLY. We are very busy during working hours and will try to help asap within and outside working hours via email. Thanks.. Happy riding.!


with battery connect to switched live on your bike. Fuel injected bikes with no battery connect to the smoothing capacitor blue to earth and red positive to power. Wire colours on your bike vary from model to model. It is advisable to fuse the power wire at the start if the circuit ‘not included’.


it is advised that an inline fuse be installed during installation of the kit.

Red wire and brown wire to brake switch black black

Horn black to loom blue

Horn red to horn switch green

Horn switch black to loom red

Headlight bulb white to loom red

Headlight bulb black to loom blue

Tail light male brown to red on loom

Tail light male green to blue on loom

Tail light male yellow/green to brown on loom

Two wires in centre of loom red 12v in

Blue earth.


It is advised all wiring kits are to be fitted by a qualified person. Kits are supplied for self fitment by a qualified person/professional.







DISCLAIMER. “Just to keep people happy”.
Kit includes free “example” wiring harness of how to make the kit work when all component pieces are connected together in kit by qualified motorcycle mechanic or auto electrical qualified person.
All component parts are attached to the harness to give an “example” of how the kit hooks together correctly to make all the parts work.
If installer chooses to use the supplied FREE EXAMPLE wiring harness in the kit upon install of the components included in the kit, the kit will work perfectly fine and operate as it should and be awesome and give you what you want.
We do make the “example” wiring harness for the kit components.
We do not manufacture the parts in the rec rego kit. All parts are purchased separately from sources that manufacture the parts themselves or are suppliers also
Any questions on this matter please email us or call us to discuss!! Don’t be put off!! The “free” “Example” wiring harness is call such for a good reason.
Want to know why please contact us to find out!!!
Happy shopping.